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Huplaaa another BETON-basement-party

donderdag 30 augustus 2018
Fuifzaal Elysée verwelkomt andermaal BETON voor een basement-party van jawelste!

PARAMOD (NL, Molekül, Grounded)

Justin Vlug is an artist from Rotterdam, Holland. He has always
been attracted by hard electronic sounds since he is a teenager.
He totally felt in love with the music and the atmosphere after his first techno party.

From this day, techno begin to be a real passion for him and he decided to start producing techno with high BPM like he usually listen.
Paramod's music is tinted by dark and metallic sonorities always accompanied by a solid kick.

TRiXY (BE, Decadence, Kompass)

TRiXY has quickly gained momentum playing the darker Underground Techno scene in the west of Belgium.
She managed to become one of the most interesting DJ’s that emerged in the country's new found love for underground sounds.

With her four deck Techno sets she manages to send energy levels through the roof where ever she goes.
It has taken her to all sorts of venues with an ever growing following of devoted fans and enthousiasts.
Add her particular taste for music and energetic party stamina to the equation and you will know why she is becoming a rising talent in Belgian nightlife.


BionX is a Canadian maker of electric motors for bicycles. Its first motors in the early 2000s, while still named EPS (Electric Propulsion Systems) [1], were kits for retrofitting [2].

That's what Wikipedia says but whoever says Bion - X in Belgium knows better. If you like your acid dirty, raw and heavy this guy will give you exactly that. You might have seen him on the huge line up of the Voltage Festival this year, surrounded by the greats such as ROD, Boston 168, Chris Liebing, KRTM, Perc & Ansome...

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Tickets: €6 (< 00.00h) - €8 (> 00.00h)
Doors at 22.00
High Quality Soundsystem by Laweit and DOF
Lights and Decoration by Plovie events


Op vertoon van je ENTREEpas verwent BETON je met een gratis drankje tijdens dit evenement.